Hydroxyethyl Urea

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  • INCI Name: Hydroxyethyl Urea
  • CAS No.: 2078-71-9
  • Form: Liquid
  • MOQ: 25kg
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Hydroxyethyl Urea is a super cosmetic softener and moisturizer with strong hydroscopicity and water-retaining capacity. Hydroxyethyl Urea can improve the after-use skin feel, reduce the usage of conditioning agent, increase product’s stability in freezing-melting circulation as well as synergisticly moisturize skin. Besides, Hydroxyethyl Urea is neither sticky nor greasy and has a broad pH adaptability. Experiments show that the combination of Hydroxyethyl Urea and Glycerin could achieve better moisturizing effects.

Features and benefits:
Hydroxyethyl Urea is a superior moisturizer with strong water absorbing and retaining capacity;
Hydroxyethyl Urea Improves skin feeling and thereby helping reduce the use level of conditioning agent in formula;
Hydroxyethyl Urea Increases products’ frost resistance, improves stability of the emulsifying products;
Hydroxyethyl Urea have collaborative moisturizing capacity, it enables products have a better moisturizing effect, thus it is very suitable for the use in cold and dry winter.

Specifications of COSROMA Hydroxyethyl Urea:

Appearance Colorless, trasparent liquid
Odor Almost odorless
pH(25℃) 6.0-8.5
Solid content 45.0 - 55.0%
Total bacteria < 100 CFU/ml
Yeast and mold < 10 CFU/ml
Hg < 1 mg/kg
As < 2 mg/kg
Pb < 5 mg/kg
Cd < 5 mg/kg

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