Tranexamic Acid's Whitening Mechanism and Notices

Tranexamic Acid is a synthetic amino acid. It is commonly used as a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drug in clinic. It is used in surgery, internal medicine, urology, gynecology and obstetrics to treat various hemorrhagic diseases and abnormal bleeding during operation.

The whitening mechanism of Tranexamic Acid is to simultaneously and rapidly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and melanocyte, and prevent melanin aggregation, which can block the pathway of melanin deterioration caused by ultraviolet radiation. So Tranexamic Acid began to move closer to the field of whitening skin care products!

Tranexamic Acid is a protease inhibitor, which can prevent and improve skin pigmentation effectively by preventing and increasing black spots.

Advantages of Tranexamic Acid

1. Tranexamic Acid is stable in nature

Compared with general whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid has high stability, acid and alkali resistance, and is not easily affected by temperature. It does not need carrier protection, is not damaged by transmission system, and has no stimulation characteristics.

2. Direct and rapid action

Easy absorption of skin system can directly hinder the activation of melanocytes and improve the active state of melanin. Its mild, non-irritating nature, especially suitable for light spots, whitening and balancing the overall whitening effect. In addition to fading spots, Tranexamic Acid can also improve the overall skin transparency and local skin gloom, so that the skin has a "white and red" whitening effect.

So why is such a coagulant passed on as a whitening potion?

First, many skin care products have been added Tranexamic Acid as a whitening ingredient.

For example, Japan's tall silk, etc., are added Tranexamic Acid to make light spot whitening ingredients.

Second, the hospital dermatology department will open Tranexamic Acid or Tranexamic Acid tablets as oral light spot products.

In general hospitals, there are two kinds of combination, one is Tranexamic Acid and the other is glutathione. Use together to dilute chloasma.

A person in my circle of friends bought a Japanese Tranexamic Acid film online. After eating for about half a year, the chloasma on the face has been diluted by 80% to 90%.

Third, Tranexamic Acid whitening ingredients will be added to the inside of whitening needles.

Tranexamic Acid is a good whitening needle.

If you say that your whitening needle has no side effects, you will say that you don't add Tranexamic Acid.

Fourth, Tranexamic Acid can be used freely? Of course not.

Tranexamic Acid is a hemostatic agent with obvious side effects. Long-term high-dose use will slow down blood flow and cause irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation, mainly reflected in the delayed menstrual time, such as the tenth of this month to menstruation but late. The color of your menstruation darkens. It may be your menstrual color. It's dark as black. Less menstruation, for people with less menstruation itself, this is worse. The menstrual cycle is shorter. It used to be seven days each time, but now it may be five to six days each time.

Side effects of Tranexamic Acid are based on long-term, high-dose use. If the whitening needle is given only ten times a course of treatment, for a normal person with normal menstrual volume, the effect of ten times down on menstruation will not be great, but there will also be a phenomenon of delayed menstruation for a few days. If you're a person with less menstruation, you'll obviously have problems with Tranexamic Acid, so some people's physique is not suitable for Tranexamic Acid.

Fifth, what kind of constitution can not be used Tranexamic Acid

1. If you are a person with yellowish skin and no spots, then you don't need Tranexamic Acid. Tranexamic Acid is required only for people with dark skin and spots. A person with yellow skin means deficiency of spleen and dampness, insufficiency of Qi and blood, poor detoxification, and dark yellow caused by stagnation of Qi and blood stasis. Whitening needle is a deep detoxification. Because you eat traditional Chinese medicine detoxification is certainly not as good as direct glutathione, vitamin C, these antioxidants, through the blood into the detoxification effect is good (of course, infusion must be carefully considered). For the deficiency of dampness and Qi and blood in spleen deficiency, it needs traditional Chinese medicine, such as ointment.

2. If you have less menstrual volume in a month, use Tranexamic Acid cautiously, and use a very small dose of Tranexamic Acid. Do not use it in large doses, let alone for a long time. It may lead to amenorrhea. I have a circle of friends who know each other before. The person who sold him platinum didn't know her physique. I don't know that she has a very short period of one month. There is Tranexamic Acid in platinum in Japan. The dosage is still very large. After ten sessions, the man did not have menstruation for three or four months. I went to Shenzhen to see a lot of Chinese medicine clinics. Finally, after a long period of conditioning, it was almost normal. So for people with irregular menstruation, it is necessary to use Tranexamic Acid cautiously.

3. If a person with Qi stagnation and blood stasis considers using Tranexamic Acid carefully, it will aggravate your blood stasis, which will cause your blood flow to be slower and slower. Blood detoxification can not bring forth new ideas and eliminate toxins in blood. For example, elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need perennial oral products such as Salvia miltiorrhiza, so people with blood stasis constitution have great hidden dangers.

So for Tranexamic Acid, not everyone can use it. For the whitening needle in the first concept, no matter what constitution you have, you will be matched with Tranexamic Acid. Then another idea of whitening needle, no matter what constitution you do not give you Tranexamic Acid. Do you think the two concepts are correct? So, now that you've read this popular science post, can you tell if you need to use Tranexamic Acid? If you don't need Tranexamic Acid. And your whitening needle is matched, so the solution is very simple, Tranexamic Acid does not need to be able to. For those who want to remove melanin, their menstruation is normal. Tranexamic Acid should be used a few times. But it should not be used for a long time in large doses.

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