Application of Food Emulsifier in Cake

The degree of egg liquid rise and the stability of the foam in the "Beating" Process are the key factors affecting the quality of the cake. The more the egg liquid starts to rise and the more stable the foam, the better the quality of the cake produced. In the cake making process of sis, the egg white is whipped together with the sugar by the action of protein in the egg liquid and the foaming effect of sucrose. The stirring speed, egg temperature and the temperature must be strictly controlled during the whipping process. When the egg is beaten and other factors, the control is not easy to be excessively whipped, that is, the egg liquid is excessively foamed, which exceeds the limit of the protein film; and even if strictly controlled, the size of the whipped foam is not uniform, and the foam stability is poor. , resulting in rough inside the cake, the cake is small. It can be seen that the traditional production process is difficult to guarantee the quality of the cake.

The emulsifier can interact with the protein in the egg liquid to form a good bubble film, improve the foaming property, make the protein easy to be whipped and foamed, shorten the egg breaking time, and make the bubble have good stability. In addition, due to the action of the emulsifier, the distribution of all ingredients is more uniform, the overall quality of the cake is greatly improved, the internal structure is more uniform, the pores are fine and uniform, and the gas wall is thin, the mouthfeel is fine, moist, soft, not broken, and does not slag. It can significantly increase the volume of the cake, increase the yield of the cake, and greatly extend the shelf life of the cake.

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