Application of Emulsifier in Animal Feed

Fat is an important nutrient in the nutrition of households. The use of oil in the feed can greatly increase the feed remuneration of livestock and poultry. However, it has been proved that the effect of using oil and fat in young livestock and poultry is not obvious, and the large amount of fat added to adult livestock and poultry rations does not achieve the desired effect. This is because the development of digestive tracts in young animals is incomplete or the intestinal tract of livestock and poultry is short. The secretion of endogenous digestive enzymes such as lipase and bile salts in the body is not enough to digest and absorb the oil in the vocabulary. Digested and absorbed by livestock and poultry, resulting in waste of fat in the feed. Since emulsifiers can promote fat digestion and absorption, increase the conversion rate of the material, and promote the growth of animals, it is necessary to add exogenous emulsifier to the feed of piglets to increase the digestibility of fat in livestock and poultry. The emulsifier can emulsify the oil in the corpus so that the oil can be dissolved in the water environment in the intestinal tract of the livestock to promote digestion and absorption. The use of emulsifier to wear retort and use of emulsified oil has become an important means to provide the oily rate.

First, the types of emulsifiers commonly used in feed production

At present, there are dozens of emulsifiers prescribed and approved for use in the country. Among them, there are 5 kinds of emulsifiers commonly used in animal materials, namely, vinegars, phospholipids, bile salts, and span and tween and monoglycerin fatty acid vinegar.

Second, the application of emulsifier in livestock and poultry

Livestock and poultry require a lot of energy during their growth, especially at the young age. Adding oil and fat in the vocabulary can greatly improve the energy level of the vocabulary, meet the energy required by livestock and poultry, and improve the conversion rate of the literary materials. However, the digestive organs of young animals are underdeveloped, the digestive system is not perfect, and the oil in the feed cannot be fully utilized to meet their own energy needs, resulting in a lack of energy in young livestock and poultry, which seriously affects their growth and development. As a feed additive capable of promoting fat digestion, the emulsifier has the advantages of emulsifying oil and fat, promoting digestion and absorption, and the like, and overcomes the disadvantage that young livestock and poultry cannot fully utilize the fat in the feed. Adding proper amount of emulsifier with good nutrition and emulsification effect in livestock and poultry vocabulary can significantly improve the growth performance of livestock and poultry and improve the digestibility of energy in the word food. Adding emulsifier to livestock and poultry word can significantly improve the fat and energy utilization rate in the material, strengthen the body and promote the rapid growth of livestock and poultry.

Application of glycerin fatty acid vinegar in feed

Glycerol fatty acid is a kind of amphiphilic nonionic emulsifier obtained by chemical fatty acid and glycerin as the basic raw material. It has a wide range of lb, and its appearance is light yellow bean-like particles or white powder. It is soluble in warm water to form milky white emulsion. Soluble in organic solvents such as oil and ethanol. Due to its high degree of safety, it has been supported by japan (1 959), the united nations food and agriculture organization ("Ao" (1969), the world health organization (w.o) (1980) and other national and international organizations. It is a food additive and a medicinal excipient. In food processing, glycerin fatty acid has good emulsification, dispersion, stability, anti-starch aging, etc. In the word additive, it can quickly decompose the oil in the feed into chylomicron and improve culture. The animal's digestion and absorption of fat, reducing the cost of the word, can also increase the expansion of the feed and antioxidant properties, and extend the term of storage.


Emulsifier is a kind of feed additive that can promote the digestion of body fat, which can significantly improve the utilization of energy in animal feed and is conducive to the rapid growth of animals. The emulsifier with good nutrition and emulsification effect is used for livestock and poultry vocabulary, which has an important influence on the feeding effect of livestock and poultry.

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